Who doesn’t want pictures of their boat offshore throwing out a beautiful wake? Maybe you are racing for Charleston Race Week or in a fishing tournament. Send us your boat info and we will get beautiful aerial pictures for you to hang on your wall. $399 for 8 pictures.


Aerial Photography

Need real estate photography for high end homes? Event pictures? We provide the means to get beautiful aerial shots. Let Holy City Helicopters take you up for a bird’s eye view so you can capture those awesome aerial shots.


aerial photography charleston scWant to view the latest and greatest aerial photography Charleston SC has to offer?

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Aerial Photography sets you apart – Real Estate, Boats, Events & More.

We’ve provided thousands of images for advertising, boats, newspapers (, magazines, high end real estate listings, catalogs, websites, property and land surveys, events, construction progress, documentation and more.

Our photographers and pilots are highly trained to make shooting your project yield the most professional photos possible. We are also happy to fly professional photographers who need a vantage point from the sky.

We offer boat photography and real estate photography packages to our clients, but we can also provide flights for any type of photography you might need for any project. Contact us today to discuss your aerial photography needs today!